Torture to extract information
January 21, 2019
Evaluate the potential influences gamification can have on teaching and learning.Recall that one of the major benefits of using technology in the classroom is the ability to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of every student in every lesson.
January 21, 2019


Homework should be completed in MS Word . All submitted file should be 12-pt font double-spaced, and 1 inch margins all around.


Answer the essay questions below and give your reasons and examples.

1. What are some of the most significant health concerns in your community? Are these concerns that are likely to be shared by other communities in your country and in other parts of the world? Could these problems be considered global health issues?

2. Sketch out a causal web for a relatively common disease in your country, adding at least 10 risk factors to the figure. Based on the arrows on your web, what interventions might prevent the disease from occurring?

3. Create a brief disease profile for one of the many infections, diseases, or disabilities introduced in textbook Chapter 2. What sources provide trusted background information about the symptoms of the disease and ways to prevent and treat it? What sources provide good statistical information about how many people worldwide are affected by the condition? What can academic publications contribute to your profile?

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