Watch The Elevator Pitch (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. video about creating an elevator speech, and design a one-minute sales pitch tailored toward your chosen career path. I
June 9, 2021
The transition from childhood through adolescence is not a smooth one, especially in regards to the physiological, cognitive and psychosocial challenges a young individual faces. Using sources like th
June 9, 2021

Essay Thesis Statement & Essay #1
Your job is to write two assignments.
1. you need to check the attachement “thesis statement.” You need to write a thesis statement for Essay 1.
2. You need to check the attachement “essay 1.” You need to complete the Essay #1 using the thesis statement you have created.
*I have attached both assignments instruction in the attachment (additional materials). I have also attached professor’s essay structural instruction, make sure you follow professor’s essay structural to write this essay.
- (Check out this link for Purdue OWL: Stages of the Writing Process)
- (Check out this video to teach you how to write thesis statement)
-I have also uploaded the entire book ” Inquiry to Academic Writing” You need to go to chapter 12 and choose one of the article from chapter 12 to write essay #1. (Full instruction, please check the attachement). Thank you!
*For sources, only cited to the sources I provided. DO not cite or use anything beyond the things I provided. Thanks


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