In this unit, you are introduced to personality tests and issues with their development and use. One particular area of debate involves the inclusion of validity scales in tests of personality. While
July 7, 2022
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July 7, 2022

Essay #7


Taking into account the evolution and best practices for solid waste landfills, 

develop an essay where you are the local municipal solid waste landfill operator, and you are providing information to a community group to educate them on landfills. 



The essay must address the following topics:


•evolution of waste disposal from dumps to landfills,

•types of solid waste materials that are disposed of in landfills,

•landfill location criteria,

•landfill liner requirements,

•landfill operational requirements,

•air quality and groundwater monitoring requirements,

•landfill closure


•Include images, charts, graphs, and other types of visual aids to support the content of the essay



•use at least 5 resources to support your information including the attached resources provided.


•use this textbook as a reference in the essay:


Worrell, W. A., Vesilind, P. A., & Ludwig, C. (2016). Solid waste engineering: A global perspective (3rd ed.). Cengage Learning US.



Please provide all URLs/DOIs referenced in essay.


Thank you!

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