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February 8, 2018
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1. Intro: (150 words)
a. hook. To catch reader s attention.
b. establish. The importance of your subject. Why should reader care
c. Thesis. Identify your critical approach + thesis statements (three part).
2. Body (9 paragraphs): (every parts same format as 1st)
a. 1st topic of the thesis
i. Support claim the thesis: evidence from primary text+ research from the reasoning+ class notes.
b. 2nd topic of the thesis
c. 3rd topic of the thesis
3. Conclusion: (150 words)
a. Re-state thesis.
b. So what
c. Recommendations to reader.

The first step will be to consider the range of approaches that have (and will continue to be). Select two
approaches that are of
interest to you. The full list of potential approaches is included below (with additional supplemental information
on each
approach located). Utilize your sketches to analyze the physical, social, historical, and/or cultural
conditions of the assigned site, as pertinent to the approaches you have selected to compare. Compose multiple
onto your sketchbook pages and consider appropriate conventional drawing techniques introduced in class (plan,
etc.). Also consider other significant non-spatial information and alternate means of recording this information
alongside a
reading of the space (ie: timelines for historical info; charts and graphics for quantitative data). You must
(no more, no less) 8.5×11 sheets of paper to record your analysis of the site in the two contrasted approaches
selected. Make
sure each of your three pages are composed with a balance of text and imagery (multiple drawings) to illustrate
the different
manner in which you observe, analyze, and record a site – specific to each environmental design approach.
COMPREHENSIVELY. Sketchbook pages should be a composition of multiple drawings and include text.
The final step in this project is to compose a narrative that describes the two approaches you ve selected, why
you ve
selected them, and how each impacted your site analysis. Utilize this short paper to organize formally the values
and spatial
implications that you are composing through your sketchbook page. A list of suggested questions for
consideration when
completing your analysis and writing your narrative is listed below. Because this paper will discuss ideas
generated by others
with regard to environmental design approaches, it is REQUIRED that all students cite their references
Guidelines for citations are located on course Smartsite. Students must utilize a minimum of THREE outside
resources (which
can include required readings or supplemental reading or web resources provided on Smarsite). Student may
also elect to
pursue further research at Shield s Library, however it is not required. Wikipedia and other disreputable online
resources DO
NOT count as a reference. Utilize standard essay writing composition: Controlling idea sentence, supporting
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sentences, etc. It
is helpful for many to utilize an outline format to organize ideas before writing in narrative form. The essay
should be written
in complete sentences, following appropriate grammar, spelling, and punctuation standards. For non-native
English speakers,
it is highly recommended that the resources for English essay writing are sought out on campus.
Questions that needs to answer throughout essay
What values are embedded in the two environmental design approached selected How are those values related
How does your reading of the site impact the environmental design approaches you selected Do you think that
represents any biases in your own definitions of place
Are there other physical or contextual criteria of the site that impacted the approaches you selected for
investigation (ie: scale of site, programming of site, etc.)
What are the different characteristics of a place that become more relevant to one approach, and less to
How do you see and record your site differently for the two different environmental design approaches
Are your recording techniques predominantly quantitative for one approach, and qualitative for another
How do you define place differently for each environmental design approach What social, cultural, physical,
historic, and/or symbolic conditions of the site are pertinent to each approach s definition of place
Does one approach seem more logical compared to another, given the site Does one approach seem more
compared to another, given your own personal values
Choose 2 of 5 approach
Community Participation approach Final report, Neighborhood
Artistic/symbolic approach Beardsley, Smithson
Cultural Competency Approach Jones, talking head
Ecological Approach McHarg
Social Context Approach Charles, Jacobs, Lynch, Small urban spaces, Wall
Choose two of the approach of environmental design
Specific location was chosen for writing this paper:

English 103
CRN 20626
I d like to select a play named A Doll House as my research object, and my research topic is historical. Since I want to know some further historical meanings in the play stand at the view of points back to 19th century. Also, I want to find out the meanings beyond the words. The reason why I chose this play is I ve used it before when I was in the sociology class. However, I want to dig inside more deeply by the historical side.

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