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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

English Visual Literacy

Assessment 1: Designing Assessment Tasks
o You will design an extended assessment booklet comprising eight item sets.
o Think about what types of learning objectives each assessment set will measure (e.g. knowledge, understanding, skills and critical thinking).
o Develop eight different item sets to measure the learning objectives in a single subject area of your choice (e.g. mathematics, English, science, history). Viewed together, the eight sets form a cohesive assessment booklet demonstrating your ability to design different item types.
Create eight item sets using each of the following item types:
1. extended essay
2. restricted essay
3. completion type
4. short-answer
5. matching
6. true-false
7. multiple-choice items
8. performance/product.
You can sequence the item types in any order; however, do not mix different item types within the eight sets. Together, they need to form a cohesive assessment for the one group of students who are studying the topic you have chosen.
Components of Assessment 1
(a) Statement of student group the tasks are designed for (Year level, subject, topic, ability level, differentiation required)
(b) Clear statements of the learning objectives
(c) Table of specifications showing the knowledge, understanding, skills and critical thinking associated with each item type and question.
(d) Statement about assessment purpose: summative or formative; suitable for self, peer or teacher assessment
(e) 8 item sets with a minimum of 6 questions for item types 3 to 7 (indicate differentiation as appropriate)
(f) Sample responses/answers (keys)/marking criteria to (d) as appropriate.


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