communication 129
October 9, 2021
How challenging was the process of coming to a consensus on top values shared by the team? How do the values reflect team norms?
October 9, 2021

I already received my grade but can not figure out which question I got wrong. I got 24/25 right. Can you clarify?1.      Kotter suggests that leadership and management:a)      consist of very similar activities.b)      involve the alignment of people to the overall direction of the organization through communication.c)      involve management of major change efforts within the organization.2.      When you delegate responsibility and authority, you must be prepared to allow employees to fail.a)      Trueb)      False3.      A tenet of _________________________ is that work exists for the person as much as the person exits for work.a)      transactional leadershipb)      abusive leadershipd)      charismatic leadership4.      According to Blake and Mouton and their Leadership Grid, an authority-compliance manager with high concern for production (results) and low concern for people would be in what position on the grid?b)      1,1c)      1,9d)      9,95.      Transactional leaders inspire and excite followers to high levels of performance.a)      Trueb)      False6.      Dimensions used to classify followers include:a)      active/passive, critical/uncritical thinking, and independent/interdependentc)      active/passive, dialectic/socratic thinking, and independent/interdependentd)      active/neutral, dialectic/socratic thinking, and independent/interdependent7.      Effective followers practice self-management and self-responsibility.b)      False8.      Which of the following statements is true of leaders with high emotional intelligence?a)      They look for challenges and ways to add to their talents.b)      They use a more people-oriented style that is empowering.c)      They lose their effectiveness.9.      The path-goal approach to leadership is based on expectancy theory and postulates that the basic role of the leader is to enhance follower motivation so that the followers are able to experience need gratification.a)      True10.  Which of the following is a positive consequence of conflict in an organization?a)      It provides a healthy distraction from work.b)      It is emotional or behavioral in origin.c)      It breaks down group cohesion.d)      .11.  When a child gets sick at school, the parent often must leave work to care for the child. This is an example of:b)      intrarole conflictc)      interpersonal conflictd)      person-role conflict12.  The key to managing conflict in a multicultural workforce is:a)      to address the power distance issueb)      the degree to which a culture is more individualistic or collectivistc)      to apply the appropriate resolution strategy13.  Managers should work to stimulate functional conflict when they suspect their group is suffering from groupthink.b)      False14.  ________________ is the ability to see life from another person’s perspective.a)      Attributionc)      Displacementd)      Rationalization15.  The key to conflict management is:b)      to discourage functional conflictc)      to enhance creativity in an organizationd)      to improve work relationships between two parties16.  When negotiators let emotion rather than cognition determine their actions, it is much less likely that the conflict will be resolved.b)      False17.  Conflict that occurs between two or more organizations is considered:a)      intraorganizational conflictb)      intergroup conflictd)      interpersonal conflict18.  All of the following are planned corporate changes except:a)      installing a computer-controlled machine toolc)      preparing materials and making arrangements for a workforce diversity-training workshopd)      scheduling production runs for the peak vacation period of June through August19.  When the organization makes a large-scale change such as moving to a new structure, the change would be considered:b)      transactionalc)      transformationald)      radical20.  Disengagement involves:b)      mass terminationsc)      increasing performance standardsd)      employee discipline21.  Lewin’s model proposes that successful change efforts require:a)      there must be top management supportb)      they must be introduced incrementally and receive the necessary resource allocationc)      effective communication will be essential22.  A key to managing resistance to change is to plan for it and be ready with a variety of strategies for using the resistance as feedback.b)      False23.  Which of the following is true of change leaders within organizations?b)      They are more task oriented than general managers.c)      They are uncomfortable with uncertainty.d)      They operate in only one leadership style.24.  Coaching is always done in a one-on-one manner.a)      True25.  Which of the following is true of external change agents?a)      They know about the organization’s history and culture.b)      They are not preferred by employees because of their partiality.c)      They have no power in directing changes.
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