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Enforcement Plan

Questions1. Without specific reference to the offences created by these statutes, provide 10
situations involving 10 different federal statutes that might be encountered by a
municipal police officer in the course of his or her regular duties in their jurisdiction?
(5 marks)
2. Within the last six months of Canadian news involving a Police officer, provide the
following: (15 marks)
��� Give a brief overview of the story; ensuring you hit the key points of who,
what, where, and when,
��� Provide a scanned copy of the article(s) with your assignment, and
��� identify the federal statute that the Police Officer might have encountered.
3. Review the excerpt from R. v. Mack, [1988] 2 SCR 903, 1988 CanLII 24 (SCC), and
provide me with a brief synopsis. Then formulate and defend your opinion as to
whether or not the activity described below constitutes entrapment. Would the
actions of the police lead to a stay of proceedings against the accused in the
following situations? Thoroughly explain your answers. (10 marks)
a) Knowing that there is an organized drug-trafficking ring operating in a medium-sized
community and that it faces problems when it comes to money laundering, the police
set up and operate a storefront currency exchange in an effort to attract drug money.
The exchange operates as a legitimate commercial venture and has customers other
than the drug traffickers. It is the only currency exchange within 100 kilometres.
POFP 402 Federal Statutes Assignment #1
b) Lucien, a convicted drug trafficker, has completed a trafficking sentence and has
been released from prison. He moves back to his home community. Residents there,
concerned about his presence in their community, put pressure on the police to get
him to move away. They frequently call to report ���suspicious activity��� any time Lucien
has a visitor. In an attempt to determine whether or not Lucien has truly ���reformed���,
the local police have one of their members pose as a friend of his. On three separate
occasions, the agent pulls Lucien aside and asks him to ���set him up��� with a contact
from his drug trafficking days.
c) Sandy is a mid-level heroin trafficker in a large city. While under police surveillance,
she hides a package of drugs under the driver���s seat of her car while she visits a
friend���s apartment. While she is inside, the police surveillance team removes the
package. Sandy believes that a drug trafficking colleague stole it. Three days later,
knowing that Sandy is feeling considerable pressure to deliver the missing drugs to
their intended buyer, police undercover agents offer to sell her a kilogram of heroin at
an attractive price.
Pick two Federal Acts and obtain prior approval from your Professor prior to writing your
essay as no student will have the same topic. Therefore, if you have an interest in certain
Federal Acts I would suggest you put in your request immediately. Failure to obtain prior
approval from your Professor will result in major penalty points. Here are some suggestions:
��� Identification of Criminals Act
��� Income Tax Act
��� Food and Drugs Act
��� Indian Act
��� Access to Information Act
��� Canada Evidence Act
��� Federal Accountability Act
��� Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act
��� Canadian Environmental Assessment Act
��� Bankruptcy an Insolvency Act
��� Insurance Company Acts
��� Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act
��� Integrated Cross-border Law Enforcement Operations Act
Your essay will consist of the following but not limited too:
��� When did the Federal Act come into existence?
POFP 402 Federal Statutes Assignment #1
��� How did the Federal Act come into existence?
��� Why did the Federal Act come into existence?
��� How does the Federal Act work today in our society?
��� Has the Federal Act been updated / modified in any way?
��� What law enforcement agency uses / enforces this Act?
��� Is there any relationship between this Act and the Criminal Code?
��� Do you feel that this is a worthwhile Act?
��� What did you learn?
��� Is there anything unusual about this Act?
��� If you were to change one thing about this act, what would it be and why?
The conclusion of these essays should reflect your personal opinions, impressions, and
thoughts of what you think are the IMPORTANT aspects of the specific Federal Acts you
have been assigned to research. Your personal opinions should not take up more than half
a page. Your essay / research should indicate to me your personal understanding of the
topic. Your personal opinions are important but they must be supported by facts.
The essay content can be broad but all the information must be ���sourced / referenced /
footnoted���. (20 marks each)

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