Regression paper
December 11, 2017
identify at least three changes expected in the field of criminal justice over the next 50 years.
December 11, 2017

Choose one of the topics below to write about:

  1. The Politics of the Supply and Consumption of Oil
  2. The United States’ Deficit/Debt Time Bomb!
  3. North American Water Policy
  4. North American Energy Policy
  5. A Pandemic- Potential Impact on Canadian Business
  6.  North American Defence Policy
  7. China shifts from a ‘pegged’ to ‘floating’ currency
  8. The Politics of the Supply and Consumption of Oil
  9. The United States’ Deficit/Debt Time Bomb!
  10. North American Water Policy
  11. North American Energy Policy
  12. A Pandemic- Potential Impact on Canadian Business
  13.  North American Defence Policy
  14. China shifts from a ‘pegged’ to ‘floating’ currency

Additional Resources Online
For those of you with a passion for the topic here are some additional resources online for future reference.

  • BBC News,` World Edition Daily features on Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, South-Asia and the United Kingdom (UK).
  • CBC News online [also links to CBC radio programs online].
  • For another perspective see
  • Business Development Bank of Canada
  • China Daily
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade [Canada]
  • De Soto, Hernando, The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else, Basic Books (Perseus Books Group) (2000)
  • Export Development Canada
  • Financial Times (Asia)
  • Financial Times (Europe)
  • Financial Times (United Kingdom)
  • Financial Times (USA)
  • Friedman, Thomas L. (2000). The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization. New York, NY: Anchor Books
  • Industry Canada,
  • International Forum on Globalization. (2002). Alternatives to Economic Globalization: A Better World is Possible. San Francisco, CA: Berrett-Koeler Publishers
  • International Monetary Fund (IMF):; IMF activities, by country:; Research at the IMF:
  • Korten, David C. (2001). When Corporations Rule the World, 2nd Ed. San Francisco, CA: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • Morrison, Terri, et al. (1994). How to do business in sixty countries; Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands. Avon, MA: Adams Media Corporation
  • National Post
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD):
  • Statistics Canada:
  • Team Canada Inc., [Federal government export information services]
  • The Economist
  • The Far Eastern Economic Review
  • The Globe and Mail
  • The Guardian
  • The New York Times .
  • The World Bank: and The World Bank: World Development Indicators. Information on “global links” plus an index of globalization with trends and country data:
  • Western Economic Diversification Canada
  • World Business Economy conducts research and publishes articles and reports, including the EconForecast™, which is their analysis of macro-economic, social and political level recent macro-situations occurring in the United States, Europe, Japan, South Asia and Latin America.
  • Van Horne, Mike. Pacific Rim Trade; The Definitive Guide to Exporting and Investment (1989). New York, NY: AMACOM Publications. ISBN 0-8144-5930-7
  • Yergin, Daniel, and Stanislaw, Joseph. A. (2002). The Commanding Heights: The Battle Between Government and the Marketplace That Is Remaking the Modern World, New York, NY: Simon & Schuster
  • Compiling cultural profiles: Brigham Young University; Center for International Studies
  • Country studies handbook Library of Congress Country Studies
  • States Background Notes US State Department
  • America Free Trade Agreement
  • European Union (EU)
  • Pacific Economic Cooperation
  • Ministry of Information – Saudstry of InformationM
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • EAN
  • APEC
  • Hoovers Online – financial statements and company profiles
  • Fortune 500 – statistics for largest US companies
  • Dun & Bradstreet’s Online – short reports on 10 million public and private companies
  • Web 100 – information on 100 largest US and international companies
  • Annual Report Gallery
  • Corporate Financials Online
  • CBC News online [also links to CBC radio programs online].
  • Statistics Canada:
  • The Economist
  • The Guardian



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