List strategies for a specified population that would promote empowerment in your own community.  -Identify your role as the community health nurse in these strategies.
October 25, 2018
Progressive (exponential) Elderly patients have ragged red fibers accumulating Elderly patients accumulate mtDNA damage So how do these `symptoms” of aging happen? What are free radicals? Where do they come from? What damage do they do? What are the effects of this damage? What can we do? What are oxygen free radicals? Free radicals are when oxygen has an unpaired electron What damage can they do? Primarily they can react with deoxyribose and DNA bases Where do they come from? These free radicals result from the `dumping” of electrons from the ETC onto free oxygen Remember this? What is the evidence that this helps cause aging? 
October 25, 2018

In the body of your final project be sure you have written about the 15 parts of  a research journal article:
1) Problem statement: In what way(s) was the problem the study was conducted to resolve an important one for nurses to explore?
(2) Study purpose: In what way(s) was the purpose of the study significant to nursing?
(3) Research question(s): What was the main research question? If it is not stated, what would you say the research question was?
(4) Study variables: What are the variables the researchers found or used in the study?
(5) Conceptual/ theoretical framework: Was a conceptual model or theoretical framework used to guide this study? .
(6) Review of related literature: Does the literature review support the need for this study?
(7) Study design: Quantitative designed research deals mostly with numbers. Groups as studied using instruments such as questionnaires, or data records. A critique of a quantitative design includes the fit of the design with the purpose and question of the study.
(8) Sample and setting: Does the sample appear to be large enough? Was the sample described as a convenience sample or in some other way described as nonrepresentative? Was the setting in which data were collected appropriate for this study?
(9) Identification and control of extraneous variables: What were the extraneous variables in this study? Were appropriate measures used to control for the influence of the extraneous variables?
(10) Study instruments/tools: Were the instruments adequate for their use in this study? In what way(s) were the instruments used appropriate for this study?
(11) Data collection methods: In what way(s) were the data collection methods appropriate for this study? In what way(s) were the steps taken to protect the rights of subjects adequate?
(12) Data analysis procedures: In what way(s) were the data analysis procedures appropriate for the type of data collected? In what way(s) were the data analysis procedures appropriate for answering the research question(s)?
(13) Strengths/limitations: What were the major strengths or the scientific merit of this study? What are two major limitations in the scientific merit of this study? To what extent were the study findings practical for use in nursing practice and education?
(14) Implications: What were the implications for practice (policies, procedures, quality monitors, plans of care, and evaluation of care)? In your opinion what are the implications for education (formal and informal, patient/family/community, staff development)? What are the implications for research utilization (EBP)? What might need further study)?

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