I do not want to sell any bond in my portfolio for a lower price than I paid for the bond”
July 11, 2019
You forecast sales to increase to $110,000 next year. Using the percent of sales method, forecast next year’s cost of goods sold.
July 11, 2019


Effective writing should entail a logical flow of ideas that is cohesive and supported by data you have collected or researched. Everything from the organization of your document to your style of writing and tone should work together to achieve your desired result.

Completion of the activity helps you satisfy the following Module Outcomes:

Explain how proper use of style and tone contribute to effective persuasion (CO2,3)

Identify important elements of an effective argument (CO2,3)


Read this chapter first:

Budinski, K. G. (2001). Engineers’ Guide to Technical Writing. Materials Park, US: ASM International. Retrieved from 


Chapter 7

Please answer the questions below in a 1 to 2 page response.

What is the difference between style and tone? Why are they important in communicating persuasively?

How do style and tone help to achieve or improve your argument?

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