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February 17, 2018
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Economic Evaluation in Health Care

Read and review the information provided belowPlease compare the three (3) year screening results/approach to that of the one (1) year screening results/approach and write a 500-600 word response paper supporting which one is more cost effective.
In addition to the information from the article please review other recent (within the last five years) literature on the benefits and cost of screening for cervical cancer and present a 1-2 page response in your own words citing all references and sources used to prepare your response.
The medical evidence is clear: Cervical cancer screening saves lives. Much of the focus of cost-effectiveness research addresses issues concerning the appropriate screening interval. D.M. Eddy (Screening for cervical cancer, Annals of Internal Medicine 113, 214-226, 1990) studied the issue and estimated that annual screening for a hypothetical cohort of 1,000 22-year-old women screened until age 75 would cost $1,093,000 and would save 27.6 life years. If screened every three years instead, the cost would be $467,000 and 26.8 life years would be saved.
Which is more Cost Effective Screening for Cervical Cancer Every Year or Every Three (3) Years?
The question that needs to be commented on is whether it is more cost effective to have a screening for cervical cancer every year or is it more cost effective to have a cervical cancer screening every three (3) years. In other words, would it be more cost effective, more beneficial, more important, and more advantageous for women, for families, for society for women to have a cervical cancer screening every year, or have cervical cancer screening every three (3) years. Please consider the advantages and disadvantages of screening every year then compare the advantages and disadvantages of screening every three (3) year. After you have compared the advantages and disadvantages of each type of screening please tell the reader which one more cost effective, better, more important, more beneficial for the females, for their families and for society.
Do not comment on the overall effectiveness of having a cervical cancer screening by itself. THIS IS NOT WHAT THE QUESTION IS ABOUT. It is already known that screening for cervical cancer is beneficial and offer many good things for to a woman, her family, her friends and society. THE QUESTION IS WHICH IS BETTER, TO SCREEN EVERY YEAR OR TO SCREEN EVERY THREE (3) YEARS.
assessed for the following basic writing standards
Citation of all sources of information not your own
In text citation
Referencing style ��� APA is recommended but not demanded
Your name, class, and date must be on all your assignments
No texting jargons or abbreviations are accepted
Font style of ���Times New Roman��� is recommended
Font size MUST NOT exceed 12 points
The body of your work must be LEFT align, NO EXCEPTION
NO MARGINS must not exceed one (1) inch
A word for work copy of the original question MUST be included as part of the answer. If students do not include a word for word copy of the question they are answering, they will lose 1 point for each violation.

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