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February 8, 2018
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East Asia ~ Book Report on The Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth, and Faith in the New ChinaOrder Description
East Asia ~ Book Review Guidelines

Your assignment is to write a review of the book, The Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth, and Faith in the New China. In this book, author Evan Osnos weaves a web of vignettes about Chinese life at different levels detailing the clash between the rise of the individual and the Communist Party. This book is divided into three parts: Fortune, Truth and Faith. Your review should include the following:

1) A short introduction identifying the book, author, the timeframe of the story, and what the book is about.
2) Who was Captain Lin Zhengyi and what became of him after his defection from Taiwan to the mainland
3) Why was Chen Guangcheng under house arrest How did Chen finally manage to leave China
4) What type of business did Gong Haiyan start Why was she attracted to it How large did it get
5) Compare the media influence of Hu Shuli, Tang Xie and Han Han. Which one was the most successful
6) Who was Ai Wei Wei What was his calling Why was he arrested and then released
7) What was Liu Xiaobo’s crime How many co-conspirators did he have How long was his sentence
8) Why was the Wenzhou Crash so controversial What was the political fallout
9) Who was Bo Xilai How did he become ensnared in scandal How long was his sentence
10) What happened to Wang Yue in Hardware City How did this become a defining moment for Chinese ren
11) A conclusion summarizing the Fortune, Truth and Faith of the New China.

Your paper should a minimum of eight pages (4,000 words) in length. Use bolded sub headings for each
section (Introduction, Captain Lin Zhengyi, etc.). Your paper should be formatted in the following manner:

Cover sheet – NO
Folder or binder – NO
Stapled – upper left hand corner
Paper color – white
Ink color – black
Margins – 1” all sides
Font – Times New Roman
Font size – 10 point
Line spacing – double
Paragraph indent – .5 inches
Running header left – your name
Running header center – book title
Running header right – date
Page numbers – centered at bottom
Citations – use page number only (pg 37)
Word count – enter at the end of the document

Do not use footnotes and limit direct quotations to a few sentences in your paper. Do not use quotations as
filler material. Use page citations liberally. The formatting is 20% of your grade for this paper. This paper is
worth 75 points and is due on December 8.


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