Communication in Human Relations
February 25, 2019
DEVELOP A SPREADSHEET MODEL TO CALCULATE THE NPV OF PROFIT OVER THE NEXT THREE YEARS.The Hyde Park Surgery Center specializes in high-risk cardiovascular surgery. The center needs to forecast its profitability over the next three years to plan for capital growth projects.
February 25, 2019

week 7   E-Learning  

Does your organization use e-Learning? What training methods does your organization use? Are your organization’s training methods effective? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your organization’s training and development methods? What online training and development systems/methods would you recommend? Explain. 

 Week 8   HR Processes and Functions  

Part A (Chapter 12)  

1. First, read the article, “HRIS Performance Monitoring Plan”. Based on the article and your textbook, please respond to the following questions:  

2. Explain your previous or current organization’s performance management, compensation, benefits and payroll system. Can these systems be accessed via one HRIS or does your organization use multiple systems? Explain.  

3. Do you think your organization performance management, compensation, benefits and payroll system are effective? Why or why not? What recommendations would you make to improve those systems?  

Part B (Chapter 13)  

4. Do you work for an international organization or, does your organization recruit globally? What are some HR programs in global organizations? Compare and contrast domestic recruitment and selection to international recruitment and selection. How are they similar and different? If you have experience working abroad, please share your experiences as it relates to HR processes and functions.

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