Reflect on the title of the story; what additional meaning does it add to the story? As we analyze a story, we have to look at it from different perspectives. We can look at it literally, metaphorically, or we can look at what it doesn’t tell us so we have to “create” our own meaning.
February 26, 2019
Air Pollution Research Paper Milestone One: Research Topic two pages, apa format in text citations
February 26, 2019

Domestic Water Use

A lab must be completed! Below are the data, A new graph must be created to fulfill the rubric and a 2 page analysis must be written, giving the back ground of the South Florida, the Biscayne Aquifer and then analyzing the data and giving a final result.


 15.0 pts

Excellent (Must have 8 of 9 criteria in Lab Report)

(1) Data compares more than 3 fixtures/appliances. (2) Table(s) are presented in multiple ways to display different comparisons between the before and after water calculator. (3) Graph(s) show the water use volumes before and after water calculator. (4) Graph(s) type chosen is the best way to represent the data and contain a key, all relevant numbers, a title, and all labels. (5) Water use and scientific background is used to support main ideas of the lab and shows a depth of knowledge about water use. (6) Data is analyzed to discuss water uses and how it relates to specific issues revolving around domestic water use. (7) Student discusses why changing fixtures and behaviors conserves water. (8) Lab report is cohesive and easy to understand. (9) Report is well organized and contains no spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Link for some background information. Attached are also some extra information.
  • wateramgelica.docx
  • waterlab1.docx
  • department-facts.pdf
  • water-quality-2015.pdf
  • Posted: 5 months ago
  • Due: 25/09/2018
  • Budget: $10

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