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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

doing criminology

doing criminologyOrder Description
Task: Critically evaluate two empirical research studies (one quantitative, one qualitative) in criminology. Your reflection must address the following set of questions about both research studies:
Research question: What is the research question(s) or problem Please explain.
Theoretical framework: What was the theoretical framework (i.e., literature review which includes theories and/or past research used to introduce and justify the relevance of the study) Please discuss the most important elements of the theoretical framework and whether it was appropriate for the research question(s) addressed in this study.
Hypotheses: Were any hypotheses stated What were these hypotheses Were these hypotheses justified adequately in terms of the theoretical framework and prior research Please explain.
Methodology: Was any particular research design used Was any particular sampling method used Was a survey, participant observation, qualitative interviews or some other data collection method used Discuss the methodology used by the authors and how well the methodology was suited to the research question posed and the specific hypotheses tested, if any Explain why the author(s) chose this particular method
Results: Discuss the main findings in relation to the research question(s). Discussion and conclusion: What additional research questions and hypotheses are suggested by the study’s results Discuss the findings in relation to the theoretical framework used and social policy questions.
HINT: Stronger papers will discuss the two research studies together (comparing/contrasting).
Your critical reflection must be 2,000 words, and in essay format (i.e. a reasoned critical reflection in narrative form), use APA referencing guidelines, and follow the formatting requirements set out in the course profile.

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