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February 24, 2021
Liberty case
February 24, 2021

Hi ,

Essay #1:

Question #1

“Discuss your point of view on the issue, and explain whether you agree or disagree”.

I need a 400 word essay on the question above based on the article attached. The guidelines are also attached with this email. Please add supporting details from the article. The essay must be easily understandable and the points should be straightforward and clear.

Essay #2″

Question #2:

” Discuss one significant issue or event that you have become aware of recently, and discuss the impact it is having on you, your community or society. Be certain to provide details explanations and examples in order for your reader to have a clear understanding of the issue or even and its impact”

This is a separate essay for 400 words with the same guidelines.

Thank you for your help


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