Examining the x-ray of a patient diagnosed with pneumonia due to infection with Mucor
July 11, 2019
Describe how the four (4) cultural features influence the provision of care to the patients.
July 11, 2019

Read:Immanuel Ness, Southern Insurgency


Discuss the “new international working class” and the “industrial proletariat of the Global South”.  Here are some questions to guide you:  What is new about the international working class and why is the author focusing on the Global South?  What role does migration play in the global capitalist system?  What can we learn about working class struggles in the Global South and the challenges they face from the case studies on India, China, and South Africa?  In what way do the course lectures, other readings, and films help us further understand the struggle of the new international working class?  How are these issues of the new international working class related to globalization and global capitalism? YOU SHOULD NOT MERELY ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS, WHICH ARE MERELY TO HELP GUIDE YOU.  YOU MUST WRITE AN ANALYTICAL ESSAY NOT A QUESTION-AND-ANSWER REPOR


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