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May 29, 2020
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May 29, 2020

Discuss the impacts of gentrification in inner-urban areas. Illustrate your answer with examples drawn from at least TWO cities.
Give a general information about gentrification, and whats happening recently and the impact
Outline what will be discussed in the eassy , thesis , mention the two cities that will be discussed in the eassy.
I have two ways of how i want my body to be structured, you can choose whats best for you.
Structure 1:
Have two separate paragraph :
For paragraph one mention a city that had a positive result with gentrification. Mention the impact of gentrification in this city, and the result and how they have approached to gentrification. Support the argument with reference and evidence.
And in the second paragraph give an example of a city that had a negative result of gentrification. What happened to this city and what is the negative side it had whether it was cultural, physical, and so on.
And in the third paragraph in the body give a brief summary, and point out important sentences.
And for the 2ND strucuture of the body :
You can divide the body into 3 paragraph :
Paragraph 1&2 discuss the two city that we will be talking about their impact on gentrification
Then in the 3rd paragraph talk about the positive and a negative side of gentrification.
. . ?


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