What role do men play in the decision to pursue an abortion? Should a man be have the legal right involved in the decision to get an abortion? Should a man be involved, relationship-wise, in the decision to get an abortion?
December 13, 2017
What are some barriers or obstacles for college students in being physically active?  Are these barriers internal or external forces?  What are solutions to overcome these barriers
December 13, 2017

Discussion: Alcohol and A Hosts’ Responsibility 
Use the writing prompt and questions below to foster your conversation about drinking and responsibility. Remember you don’t just directly answer the questions but use them to fuel your discussion.  You must post your original response by Thursday to receive full points for timeliness and your replies to two classmate by the due date.
Discuss your opinions about the responsibilities that a host or hostess has for guests when serving alcohol. What are the legal implications if one of your guests has an automobile accident after leaving your party? Should a guest have a drinking responsibility to the host? Do you believe that there are different legal implications for bartenders who serve too much alcohol to a customer who then has an auto accident?


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