Jesus Movie Review
April 5, 2020
theorists’ views on the nature of mankind and capitalism
April 5, 2020

STEP 1:  Review the graphic on slide 4 (What is Digital Trade)

STEP 2:  Choose one of the digital trade factors in bold text from the graphic (do not choose Cloud Services, we’ve seen too much spinning on that already)

STEP 3:  Post a response that provides three sections: Brief Description, Trends and 2 referable articles for further research.

 . Brief Description (describe the digital trade factor of your choice in your own words, and make this the first section heading),

   . Trends (growing, declining, stable, being replaced by some other technology, etc – Make this the 2nd section heading), and

 . Provide Two articles (preferably) or websites that we can use for further research.


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