Discuss how the information gap between generations,cultures,imcome levels, and education can be resolved.
December 14, 2017
mangement of health information services
December 14, 2017

Review the team report on MPBS located in the Case Study Overview.
In this assignment you are expected to recommend the most appropriate method of job evaluation to use at MPBS and support your recommendations with your rationale. Your recommendation should consider the organization?s comprehensive job structure with major occupational groups including scientific, administrative, sales, management, and technical. Your rationale must be backed up with support from the text and/or other articles you may have researched.
Your recommendations must cover the following:
Describe your recommended approach and the expected impact of that approach on job performance. Address key HR and compensation issues identified at MPBS.
Differentiate the components that would need to be included if MPBS were to use a point-based method as compared to a ranking and to a classification method.
Provide a list of compensable factors for a point-based method and the factor weights you would suggest if using that method.
Explain how your recommended method of job evaluation aligns with MPBS?s strategic focus.
Describe the key challenges to effective implementation of the recommended approach to job evaluation at MPBS.
To complete this assignment, write a 3?5 page report in Word format and provide rationale and support. Apply APA standards for writing style to your work.


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