Conflicting Viewpoints Essay – Part I
January 17, 2020
Responding to the Needs Assessment Data
January 17, 2020

Beginning in Module 1 of this course you have been researching a
healthcare informatics topic of your choice. Now you will present your
findings in a 7 to 12 minute recorded presentation complete with
PowerPoint slides (no length requirement). 

  • Discuss your topic and its relationship to your current (or
    future) practice. Discuss why the topic is important in healthcare
  • What research have you have found on the topic? Describe how each
    scholarly article relates to the topic and your current (or future)
    practice. Describe what conclusions you have drawn based on your
    research of the topic.
  • What ethical or legal issues does this topic present?
  • Create a plan for implementing a change (or justify the need for
    no change). Who needs to be involved? What training programs are needed?
    Is there a need for on-going training? Discuss how you would evaluate
    the success of the change (or the continued success of what you are
    currently doing). What is the cost to implement or maintain this change?
    Who will be financially responsible? How feasible is this change?
  • Finally, identify how changes in public policy and technological
    advances in the future could impact this topic. What would those changes
    mean to the healthcare industry?  

Assignment Expectations

Length: Recorded presentation between 7 and 12 minutes in
length. The presentation should include a PowerPoint and oral
presentation of the slides. There is no slide number requirement. Answer
all questions thoroughly with the allotted time. Use a recording
platform of your choice and either upload as an mp4 or share the link
directly to the video in the dropbox.

Structure: Include a title slide, objective slide, content slides, reference slide in APA format. 

References: Use the appropriate APA style in-text citations
and references for all resources utilized to answer the questions.
Include at least three (3) scholarly sources to support your claims.

Rubric: This assignment uses a rubric for scoring. Please
review it as part of your assignment preparation and again prior to
submission to ensure you have addressed its criteria at the highest

Format: Save your assignment as an mp4 document (.mp4) or share the link to the recording

File name: Name your saved file according to your first initial, last name, and the module number (for example, “RHall Module 1.mp4”)

Presentation: Use presentation software (ex. PowerPoint,
Google Slides) to create a visual presentation. Then use a recording
program to record a 7 and 12 minutes in length presentation. ***Please do not record as voice-over PowerPoint because this cannot be saved in mp4 format or a link.*** If
you submit your assignment as a PowerPoint with voice over recording
you will not receive credit for your assignment (or partial credit as
you did not meet the full requirements of the assignment.)

Total Point Value of Assignment: 500 points


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