recruiting manager for a new organization
December 7, 2017
history, importance, and effects title IX had on sports and society
December 7, 2017

Assignment Questions
2. Define globalization and evaluate if the process is reducing the importance of the state.
Assignment Guidelines
1. Each assignment consists of 3 numbered questions, which may include more than 1 part. Each question should be answered in essay format complete with an introduction, conclusion, bibliography (to collate all resources that you researched for your assignment) and footnotes.
2. Each assignment must be submitted in the correct order so as to follow the logical flow of the textbook.
3. The maximum word limit for your answer to each numbered question, including references and any component sub-parts, is 1,500 words. (So the maximum word limit for any complete assignment is 4,500 words). This is a maximum word limit and not a recommended target. There is no minimum word limit and unnecessary or descriptive information should be avoided.
4. Try to avoid being overly descriptive of the literature. If you feel like the textbook is not providing all the answers to some of the questions listed below, this is because the questions are designed to encourage you to think critically and independently about a subject rather than simply repeat factual information. Please do not be hesitant to provide your own opinions informed by a discussion of the evidence, examples and details of your choice. This is what writing a good essay is all about!
5-The course uses the text: Eric Mintz, David Close and Osvaldo Croci, Politics, Power and the Common Good: An Introduction to Political Science, 3rd ed. Toronto, Ontario: Pearson Education, 2011. You are expected to have read the relevant chapters of the textbook before answering the questions listed for each assignment


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