Locate an article that addresses a contemporary ethics issue and highlights the global component. Create an ethical and moral framework, using the ethics theories from this course.
October 7, 2018
Business Environment: Analyze the current internal and external factors related to the business environment of your company. In other words, what are the internal and external factors, and how do they influence the business environment of your company?
October 7, 2018

For this assignment, you will research the potential international markets and possible competitors of your chosen project. The combination of those two items enables you to create a powerful framework to perform a relevant organizational analysis.
In a 7–8-page report, include the following:
Part I: Key Market 
In this part of this assignment, you are to:
1.     Decide if all operations will be internationalized (or only some of them) and identify which ones.
2.     Identify and assess different potential regions and/or countries to globalize operations.
3.     Choose two or three that are the most relevant to your operations.
4.     Justify choices made.
Specific evidence from scholarly sources should be used to support your choices. Generate separate analyses for each country and/or region chosen, addressing the following main points:
·         Size and characteristics of the market
·         Number and size of global, regional, and local competitors currently acting in the market
·         Balance of trade
·         Currency exchange rates (current and historical)
·         Percentage of domestic production exported
·         Percentage of domestic consumption imported
·         Cost of labor
·         Tax level for domestic and foreign companies
·         Presence of government in the economy
·         Percentage of ownership allowed to foreign companies and/or investors
·         Local laws and regulations related to industry/product
Part II: Define Competitors
1.     Identify and describe 3-5 major potential global and domestic competitors that will be considered for this project.
Create one report for EACH competitor chosen. Include the following information:
o    Market share, globally and in key markets considered in part 1 of this assignment
o    Strategy and competitive advantages
o    Relative prices of products and services being offered
o    Quality-related actions and procedures, and relative quality

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