Table Top Presentation / Functional Design 1)Identify the composition of an eval
March 18, 2021
Faced with declining attendance (subscription and single ticket), a large deficit and a “sluggish” economy, you along with three executives…
March 18, 2021

1. Create the database of HW#2. Determine an appropriate data type for each attribute. Use “create table~” statements and “create index~” statements to create the tables and appropriate index structures. Note that in SQL-92 and 99 (aka SQL II and III) standards (and many DBMS implementations), all primary key attributes are implicitly declared to be “not null”. However, in this assignment, declare primary key attributes to be “not null” explicitly. In SQL, foreign key attributes are allowed to be null. However, sometimes, to satisfy “total participation” in ER-diagram, related foreign key attributes should be declared to be “not null”. Print the statements you used to create this database and the results of them.

2. Populate your database by inserting 10 or more tuples into each table.

3. Create the following queries using SQL: Write the queries in the HW#2 in SQL. Print the SQL statements of your queries as well as the results of your queries.


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