Explain why it is important for marketers to understand how customers make purchasing decisions.Identify the factors that would influence how and why someone would purchase a laptop or a new home? What is the most important factor in your opinion? / “Hindu Way of Life: Explain the key ways in which the teachings of the Vedas influence the daily lives of Hindus.
December 14, 2017
Build a cost/pricing structure .
December 14, 2017

Part B Wireshark Lab

This week you will continue working with Wireshark. Complete the following hands-on labs in the textbook.

Hands-On Project 3-1: Examining an IPv4 Packet Header With Wireshark page 144
Hands-On Project 3-2: Examining an IPv6 Packet Header With Wireshark page 145
Hands-On Project 4-4: Viewing IPv4 and IPv6 Routing Protocols in Wireshark on Page 244

What are some of the differences between the IPv4 and IPv6 Packet Headers?
What did you see in comparing the IPv4 and IPv6 Routing Protocols?
How was your experience with these labs? Did you have any issues?


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