April 25, 2021
April 25, 2021

Natalia was incensed that her former boyfriend, Otto, had formed a new relationship with Pamela. She decided to frighten Otto and Pamela, so at midnight she took some petrol and poured it through the letter box of the house where the couple were living, setting fire to it by using a lighted match. Unknown to Natalia, Otto and Pamela had gone to London for the weekend and Ruth, Pamela’s mother, was staying at the house to care for Pamela’s child, Tina.


The resulting fire was very fierce. Ruth and Tina were rescued by Vince, a neighbour, but Ruth was badly burnt and died at the scene. Tina was taken to hospital suffering from serious burns, Vince from breathing difficulties caused by smoke inhalation. Tina was taken to the operating theatre. The anaesthetist failed to notice that the oxygen supply tube had become disconnected and Tina died. Vince died from a previously undiagnosed heart abnormality.


Discuss any criminal liability which arises.



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