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June 28, 2020
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June 28, 2020

Leaders today must be able to create a compelling vision for the organization. They also must be able to create an aligned strategy and then execute it. Visions have two parts, the envisioned future and the core values that support that vision of the future. The ability to create a compelling vision is the primary distinction between leadership and management. Leaders need to create a vision that will frame the decisions and behavior of the organization and keep it focused on the future while also delivering on the short-term goals.  To learn more about organizational vision statements, do an Internet search and review various vision statements.  In this assignment, you will consider yourself as a leader of an organization and write a vision statement and supporting values statement.  Select an organization of choice. This could be an organization that you are familiar with, or a fictitious organization. Then, respond to the following: •Provide the name and description of the organization. In the description, be sure to include the purpose of the organization, the products or services it provides, and the description of its customer base. •Describe the core values of the organization. Why are these specific values important to the organization? •Describe the benefits and purpose for an organizational vision statement. •Develop a vision statement for this organization. When developing a vision statement, be mindful of the module readings and lecture materials. •In the vision statement, be sure to communicate the future goals and aspirations of the organization. •Once you have developed the vision statement, describe how you would communicate the statement to the organizational stakeholders, that is, the owners, employees, vendors, and customers. •How would you incorporate the communication of the vision into the new employee on-boarding and ongoing training?  Write your response in approximately 3–5 pages in Microsoft Word. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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