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October 6, 2021
How can anyone so kind and gentle like Mike, that I could love so much and who could love me so much, do this to me? I just don’t understand.” 
October 6, 2021

Part 1: Professional Development and Reflection

Assess your progress toward achieving your practicum professional development objectives, including how your involvement in specific practicum activities has contributed to your development.
Explain what you will do to ensure you achieve your objectives by the end of your practicum.
Summarize challenges or unexpected opportunities that have arisen in achieving your practicum objectives as well as any challenges that you anticipate may arise. Explain how you will address those challenges.

Part 2: Connections to Your Site

Document specific objective(s) for the specific time frame.
Describe a problem, issue, or situation that you have observed during your practicum experience (no more than a half page).
Using no fewer than three peer-reviewed sources of evidence, analyze what you have observed within the context of your specialty using appropriate concepts, principles, and theories. Give special attention to observed events that vary from scholarly literature.
Explain the degree to which the problem, situation, or issue was addressed in a manner that is consistent with the theory, concepts, and principles detailed in the evidence.
Given the various evidence-based approaches that can be used in addressing the problem, situation, or issue, formulate a plan for approaching the matter differently.
Include APA-formatted references immediately following the content.

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