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Contemporary Managment Technique Research Paper/Company Report for General Motors Corporation (GM)

Select one (1) contemporary management technique that is not being implemented that could aid in achieving critical success factors within a real manufacturing industry (choose 1 of the following for the paper: balanced scorecard, strategy map, value chain, activity-based costing, business intelligence, target costing, life-cycle costing, benchmarking, BPI, TQM, lean acctg.,TOC, sustainability or ERM).

10 pages APA format with at least 5 sources/references from journal articles in professional, peer-reviewed accounting or business journals that pertain to the (1) contemporary mgmt. technique selected.

Address the following in order:
1. Rationale for the contemporary management technique chosen.
2. In-depth analysis of the technique, in which you fully describe the technique, its implementation process, its application by other organizations, its applicability to selected organization/segment and your plan for implementation.
Needs to be plagiarism free.

General Motors Corporation (GM)
Geographic Scope
General Motors Corporation popularly known as GM is an international company based in the United States, and has its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. The company has branches and subsidiaries in many countries such as Canada, Japan, China and South Africa among others (Hashim, 2014).
Division Scope
The focus is on the entire company. General Motors Corporation has several business units that basically entail manufacturing, selling and offering maintenance services for the vehicles (Flores,Krueger & Clements, 2013).
Company Description
General Motors was established in 1908, and expanded with time to become the world s largest manufacturer of motor-vehicles in the 20th and early 21st century. The company became a corporation in 2009 following the purchase of the old General Motors, and although is facing fierce competition, it is still one of the top players in the automobile manufacturing industry worldwide operating in about 140 countries(Strelchert, n.d.).The company is involved in offering financial services although its main area is automobiles. It is involved in designing, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of vehicles and vehicle parts. General motors have been associated with twelve brands of vehicles produced in different countries. The twelve brands include Holden, Buick, Ravon, HSV, GMC, Wuling, Baojun, Opel, Chevrolet, Jie Fang, Cadilac and Vauxhall that are sold across the globe (Flores et al., 2013). The company has a large workforce of 215,000 employees talented in different areas that work together to enhance customer experience with its products thus leading to success. Over the years, the company continues to expand its operations in more countries and is keen on keeping up with the changing technology which contributed to its engagement in making electric cars (Hashim, 2014).
Flores, R., Krueger, C., & Clements, P. (2013). Second-Generation Product Line Engineering: A Case Study at General Motors. Systems and Software Variability Management, 223-250. doi:10.1007/978-3-642-36583-6_15
Hashim, M. (2014). Organizational Change: Case Study of GM (General Motor). AEBR, 1(3), 78. doi:10.12966/aebr.07.03.2014
Strelchert, E. (n.d.). Metric Conversion at General Motors Corporation.Metrication-Managing Transition, 254-254-12. Doi:10.1520/stp32275s

You will be preparing a strategy brief social business strategy for a for-profit corporation. You will be required to include an overarching strategy and also at least 1 campaign that they can activate using social (e.g. contest, challenge, event – or some other “call to action”).Your main guidepost for this assignment will be your readings from both texts, with specific note to the principles found in Shareology by Brian J. Kramer, and the tactics identified and tools described in the Social Media Bible by Lon Safko.You will need to conduct conduct a critical analysis of your selected company’s current social engagement strategy using social networking and mobile technologies to create that sense of loyalty and community for their consumers. Look into their current campaigns and past documented successes to determine their effectiveness. Look into their Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc. accounts to gain a sense of how they are using these technologies. How could your company improve in the future How can/should they measure their effectiveness As you go through your assignment don’t forget:
Being social takes time – Realize this when you are getting started. Although there is virtually no barrier to entry, being truly social over the long term requires you to dedicate time and effort to keep producing compelling content.
Be an active user – You need to keep your presence fresh to keep your audience interested. Keep in mind your audience may be friends, potential employers, others with common interests in the cyberworld, classmates, etc.
Measure your success – Understand your reach. Explore social analytics. If you are using tools that have specific social analytics, review those to see how you are reaching others, and what they are interested in. Subscribe two a service like Klout to see how you compare with others in your sphere of influence.
Be authentic – What is your brand identity How to you stay true to yourself in your online interactions What voice are you using
Be accurate – Don t spread misinformation and if you misstate something, be sure your apology resonates as broadly as your first statement. Think of Twitter. If you have in anyway helped to perpetuate a false message, how can you make things right
Be respectful – Social media creates conversations. Encourage conversations and embrace the feedback of others! Respect those who chime in on your topics or that you are responding to. That does not mean you have to always agree, but it does mean that you conduct yourself in a way that preserves your own reputation.
Your social media strategy is to address the following at a bare minimum:
Opting in and Participating – What channels will your company participate in going to engage in Why Why are you opting not to engage in others (Note: You must participate in a minimum of 4 of the following in your action plan: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, Google+ or a social network of your choice which must be fully described in your paper).
What are the goals for the various channels
What messages will your company be projecting
How will you integrate mobile technology to help your company sustain its social presence Which platform have you selected (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile ) Why have you made this selection
What aggregation tools might they use to help you communicate more effectively (e.g. Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc.)
How will they measure and manage their success/reach What social analytics will they measure Will sentiment analysis play a role
What rules of engagement will they have How will they handle criticisms and conflict
What protections/policies will they have in place to protect from compromising accounts and hence their brand
Your report must include the following:
Title page in APA Format (not included in your word count))
Brief company overview (not included in your word count)
Links to current social assets for the organization (not included in your word count)
Current social media and mobile technologies strategy (~250-500 words)
Future strategy (the bulk of your paper)
Target Audiences
Social Media Goals
Types of content that would add value to your achieving your goals (include at least 1 sample that would relate to a targeted messaging campaign (e.g. fundraiser, event, etc.)
Channel assessment and strategy (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)
Action Plan – Include channels, actions required, priority, frequency, how you will measure your success, amount of time that should be dedicated, people resources required, and how this will happen – refer to the Action Plan Tables in the Sample Social Media Strategy.pdf
Measuring Success and effectiveness – Overall commentary to what you have put in the chart to summarize
References: You are still expected to incorporate external sources to assist in the justification of your decisions. (I would expect you to use no less than 5 reliable external sources to assist you in preparing this course component). However, not more than 30% of your content should come from another source.
Attached is an outline of my chosen company to be used for the assignment.

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