How you will provide a safe and secure classroom climate 
December 7, 2017
Compare/Contrast the two novels Jane Eyre and Jude the Obscure
December 7, 2017

why you should consider supporting the shriners

  • sources have to be cited within the text of the work and on an APA reference page. Remember that you cannot write in bullet or fragment form. Every line of this work must be in complete sentence form. After you label Body: you need a first (I.) main point. You should also aim for 3 main points.
  • Your work should be typed, double spaced, and
  • You should use 1” margins and a 12- point font.
  • All papers must have an APA style cover page.

Sample Outline Format-Speech 1: (Your work should be formatted in this way. This is a topical/classification organization pattern, and it works for any type of speech.)

  1. Attention-getting device: (Be creative–anecdote, illustration, rhetorical question, surprising facts/statistics, quotations, humor, etc.)
  2. Note of credibility: (why you care about or how you know about the topic)
  • Relevance to the audience: (why the topic is important)
  1. Preview: Today we will discuss _______, _________, and _________ (the three main points in the order they will come up in the body of your speech).


  1. Main idea:
  2. Support:
  3. Support:
  4. Support:


  1. Main idea:
  2. Support: (This is a formal speech outline and differs from a typical  

     outline in that it should be written in complete sentences.)

  1. Support:
  2. Support:
  3. (Transition:)

III. Main idea:

  1. Support:
  2. Support:
  3. Support:


  1. Review Thesis: Today we have talked about ______, ________, and _________ (Main points-Again, in the same order they were brought up in the speech.)
  2. Reminder of importance: Why the audience needed to listen

III.             Clincher: Interesting statement that ties back to the attention getter


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