Share the theory or psychological approach to coping after a disaster event that most stood out to you as effective in aiding survivors and the rationale for your selection.
December 11, 2017
Discuss the phenomenon that is described above and how effective disaster behavioral health methods can be used to mitigate the strain on resources in disaster response circumstances when such presentations emerge
December 11, 2017

Week 2 Effects and Types of Disaster
As we have begun our examination of the psychology of disaster, an indisputable reality is that disaster can be found in many forms and affect all communities. In our course text and other materials, the distinction between natural and man-made disasters has been made, providing many examples, both modern and historical, of the types and effects of disasters on humankind overtime.

  • After reviewing the course materials for the week, including the examples of many noteworthy, historical, world disasters linked, select a historical Disaster from the list provided or another disaster of which you are aware, examining the details.
  • Consider and discuss with detail the divergence in responses seen between survivors of disasters and whether the outcomes across social, cultural, economic, and various factions of the population influence the potential for disaster recovery efforts and whether recovery principles would apply to the Disaster selected.

Remember to respond to at least three classmates during the week in the discussion forum.
History Channel Staff. (2017). History stories: Disasters. Retrieved from


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