June 26, 2020
2. If an incumbent firm in an industry increases the modularity of their product’s architecture,
June 26, 2020

Please write a standard essay on the following prompt(3 pages typed).You may use your notes and textbook.When historians periodize the past (Gilded Age, Progressive Era,New Deal era, the Sixties), they intend to highlight the continuity of culture and society over several years and decades. In recent years, historians have begun to consider the 1970s the origins of our timesthe roots of our contemporary society. Consider Americas political, economic, and cultural changes since the 1970s. Do they seem relevant to America today (political scandal, energy crises, social movements, ascendency of conservative politics,finance economies,etc.)If you were a professional historian, what would call this period,and why? (If you disagree that the United States since the 1970s is a historical period,thats okay, but say why and support your answerfor instance,maybe you think climate change and the internet have transformed our world into a new period).


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consider america s political economic and cultural changes since the 1970s do they seem relevant to america today political scandal energy crises social movements ascendency of conservative politics finance economies etc if you were a professional was first posted on June 26, 2020 at 10:33 pm.
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