Mental Health Research Paper
December 15, 2017
Using OSHA's Hierarchy of Controls ,indicate which type of hazard control one can use?
December 15, 2017

Connect to Your Sexual Choices

Our sexual behavior is developed through our environment, experiences, and personality. Respond to the writing prompt questions below.  The response should be 400 to 500 words in length. Do just simply answer the questions below.  Use them to create a meaningful, organized response.
Have you ever thought about why you handle your sexuality and sexual relationships the way you do? Many
factors can influence the sexual choices we make, some not as obvious as others. Do you feel you have to
be sexually active because your peers and potential partners are? Do you compare your body or your sexual
behaviors to what you see in movies or on TV? Do you base your sexual decision making on the religious
teachings with which you were brought up?
What are the external factors that influence your choices about your sexuality? What are your inner motivations and core values, and how do they affect your choices? Based on what you learned in this chapter, will you make some different choices in the future? If so, what will they be?


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