January 30, 2019
implementing Enterprise Risk Management -Concept Map
January 30, 2019

In the main() method, construct a list that looks like:

    [ 6 9 12 ] 

and print the resulting list.

Add more lines to change this list to:

    [ 3 6 9 12 15 ] 

and print the resulting list.

Part II:  Adding to the End of a SList (3 points)


A method called insertEnd() exists, but it runs in linear time, because every

time it is called, it walks down the list to find the end.  Without changing

the meaning of this method or any other, modify the representation of a SList

and whatever methods are necessary to make insertEnd() run in constant time.

Your SList class will need to continually maintain a record of the last (tail)

SListNode in an SList, and all SList’s methods will have to ensure that this

record stays current.



Show your main() and insertEnd() methods and run the


1 point:   Show your main() method, and show that it is printing the proper

           output for Part I.

3 points:  Show your insertEnd() method, and explain how you got it to work in

           constant time.  Show that your program still prints the right

           output.  Which other methods had to be modified?

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