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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Computer Mediated Communication

Computer Mediated Communication

Paper details:

Communicating online is prevalent and almost necessary in today’s society. Many components of our lives that relied on face-to-face communication are turning to the Internet for accessibility and flexibility. Here are just a few example:

1. Health Care: online support groups, online patient-physician interactions

2. Instruction: Online courses, online degree programs

3. Organizational Communication: online meetings, online work groups

4. Interpersonal Communication: maintaining family, friends, and romantic relationships over email, Twitter, and Facebook

5. Journalism/New Media: individuals report seeking out news outlets online and getting most of their information through online websites

6. Marketing/Advertising/Public-Managing products and organizational reputations through the Internet, online shopping.

7. Money/Finance-Online banking, online money transfers, monitoring 401ks, stocks and trading.

In your initial posting, provide evidence of how computer mediated communication has contributed to effective or ineffective small group communication and/or leadership.

*FIND AN ACADEMIC JOURNAL ARTICLE and CITE THIS ARTICLE in your discussion post to help support your position on this. Additionally, back up your arguments with concepts from the textbook.

(Failure to cite an academic journal article in your initial posting, will result in zero points for this discussion. Be sure to demonstrate you can find, understand and apply an academic journal article to your position)

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