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January 17, 2020
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January 17, 2020

Below are the instructions my uni gave me:

Students also write 2) an
argumentative essay that argues that they have imitated the author in topic and style and
prove their arguments by comparing examples from the original to their own piece.
Students include grammar footnotes to display their savvy in grammar.

In your argumentative essay, argue that your choice of topic and imitation of style is
done effectively. Provide analyses of examples from the original work as well as your
imitation to prove your point. You can use the TEXAXAS-structure to help you
structure your paragraphs.
The structure of your essay should adhere to the criteria for argumentative essays:
o Introduction including thesis and arguments
o Body paragraph 1: argument on topic choice
o Body paragraph 2: argument on style element 1
o Body paragraph 3: argument on style element 2
o Body paragraph 4: argument on style element 3
o Conclusion including restated thesis and a summary of the arguments

I need an essay that compares my creative piece with a real book(wendy williams – drama in life).

Thesis: Thesis:
The additional chapter matches the original in terms of topic, use of pop culture references, chapter structure and tone.

In short:
The essay has to argue with my creative chapter is the same as wendy williams – how to deal with the drama in your life.
SEE: information on assignments for which grammar foodnotes has to be in the essay, so has to be used once.

I have uploaded my chapter.


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