Should prescription drugs be advertised to the general public? Why or why not? What are the risks and concerns? What are the benefits?
December 11, 2017
What would be the single most important point about them that you would want to discuss with: a pre-teen, a high school-aged boy, and a college-aged woman? How would you have those conversations? Do you think we, as a society, should do a better job of education on these issues, or is the amount of education we do adequate? 
December 11, 2017

Answer the 3 questions separately about the William Wordsworth and William Blake poems:
—–1) Compare Wordsworth’s sonnet London, 1802 with Blake’s poem London. Do the two poets complain about any of the same things? What other differences or similarities do you notice in their poems?
—–2) Stanza 7 of Ode: Intimations of Immortality uses a figure familiar to readers of Shakespeare: the comparison of life to acting on a stage. How does Wordsworth use this figure here? What is its role in the poem as a whole?
—–3) The poems I wandered lonely as a cloud and The Solitary Reaper both describe the experience of coming upon a sudden scene of unexpected beauty in nature. Compare how the two speakers respond to this experience.


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