Describe the role that parents or caregivers play in the development of attachment and the role they play in promoting autonomy. Is there a specific parenting style that you would recommend to assure the most effective development of both? Why?
December 4, 2017
Write a critical review of the “anti-women's Reproductive Health legislation” in the US in 2011-2017. Your review should reflect your knowledge of the main arguments, theories and debates presented around the issue; and how different States are handling the issue.
December 4, 2017

Biographical Essay: (10% of final grade)
Research two of the following influential architects and write an essay (minimum 4 pages) comparing and contrasting their work and contributions.  You must cite in a bibliography a minimum of three vetted resources listed in APA style listed in alphabetical order by last name of author.  Examples:

  1. Book:   Arnheim, R. (1971). Art and visual perception. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press
  2. Internet Source:   Author, A. A. (2007). Title of work. Retrieved month day, year, from source

Essay will be graded on content, punctuation, spelling and grammar.  Essay should be typed, double spaced, minimum 4 pages.
Filippo Brunelleschi
Andrea Palladio
Francesco Borromini
Lorenzo Bernini
Inigo Jones
Sir Christopher Wren
Benjamin Henry LaTrobe
Thomas Jefferson
Richard Morris Hunt
Louis Sullivan
Henry Hobson Richardson
Antoni Gaudi
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Walter Groupius
Frank Lloyd Wright
Mies Van Der Rohe
Le Corbusier
Frank Gehry
Philip Johnson
Richard Meir
I.M. Pei
Michael Graves
Robert Venturi
Ole Scheeren
Zaha Hadid


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