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May 29, 2020
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May 29, 2020

Students must describe similarities and dissimilarities while writing a compare and contract essay

Compare and contrast essay can be written to compare two similar events, or two situations. It can also compare two authors writing on same subject, or two places of tourist interest. However, some common meeting ground for both is necessary. For example, writing a comparative analysis on the performance of two football teams has the common factor as game of football itself, which will be the basis to highlight the comparison between the teams.

Hence, the first important point that students need to remember is locating the common similarity that binds the two objects in one single fold, when seen in a large perspective. Therefore, never attempt to compare two objects, which are entirely different. For example, comparison between Shakespeare and Dumpsters would be wastage of effort and time as nothing is common between the two.

The other main point that is essential for the students to keep in mind, for writing a compare and contrast essay, is about presentation of their thesis on logical basis. For example, while comparing two places of tourist interest, students cannot forward their own personal reasons for liking a certain place, above the other one. They must present facts and research data that supports their viewpoint. Therefore, it is important that the two objects of comparison are well-known to them, while they have the resources to gather enough information on both.

Since writing a comparative analysis document is similar to presenting a definition essay, students can look at any descriptive essay to understand the technique involved in presenting a viewpoint logically before the audience, in an interesting manner. However, the following guidelines would help students in preparing a good paper that needs to compare two individual personalities or events, or situations.

  • Make a rough draft of collected information

Students require putting in their effort and time for conducting research about both the objects, for presenting an excellent compare and contrast essay. Noting down rough points that form the basis of their similarities and dissimilarities, along with the data supporting these comparative statements would help students for making a strong thesis statement, which should be mentioned in the introduction of the essay.

The essay main body should describe the common and uncommon features individually, while each subtopic should be supported by the facts as gathered from external sources. However, it is essential for the students to understand that the thesis statement of their essay should drive the whole contents. Therefore, the concluding statement should affirm the position taken by the student in the beginning.

  • Presenting comparative charts help

For presenting the comparison in a concise and efficient manner, it is advisable that students prepare charts, which give the distinct features of the two objects with reference to a certain characteristic that relates to both. For example, students should use their skills learnt in school for making comparison between a liquid and semi-liquid substance while presenting the same in a chart form. Students can look at process essays or business essays to understand the technique of writing such essays.

Meanwhile, students can find many samples of compare and contrast essay at custom essays, to select one suiting their choice.

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