Imagine yourself as the president—or military dictator, or king or queen—of a small, very poor, rural country that gained its independence in the 1960s.
June 25, 2019
Select one film to watch and write a one-page response over it, relating it to themes of global history discussed in class.
June 25, 2019

Religious/Cultural Experience Report

Choose ONE of the following options:  Art Museum Reflection, Religious Service Report OR Media Or Biography of a Saint <Worth 100 points (3-5 pages)>


A.  Art Museum Reflection

Take a field trip one afternoon at your convenience to the Dayton Art Institute or an art museum in your city. Experience Hindu, Buddhist or Confucian art that relates to the material we’ve studied.   After the art museum trip, you will write a response of your experience.  You may focus on a couple of pieces that stood out to you or give an overall summary/theme of the art you experienced and how it relates to the course material.

B.   Religious Service Report

The purpose of visiting a religious service is both to broaden your perspectives and to experience firsthand what we might otherwise just read and talk about. You have 16 weeks to plan this, so don’t wait until the last minute! Please refer to the “RSR ETIQUETTE” guide as well as the “SERVICE LISTING IDEAS” under the contents tab before you complete this project.  Houses of worship in and near your city are numerous and diverse and the list gives you many suggestions.   You may choose to attend services outside of this list (as long as they are “Asian” religions).  I encourage you to visit the website or call the office before your visit.

Your reflection should include the following:

A description of the building & sacred space, both inside and out

The service itself (Who was involved?  What rituals were performed?  What was said?  Sung?  What was used?)

Reflections on your own experience. (Did you feel comfortable?  Strange?  What intrigued you? What puzzled you?)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You do not have to participate in the service for this project.  You only need to observe and write about what you observed.  If you choose to participate during the service itself (i.e. taking communion, bowing with Hindus, kneeling with Buddhists, etc.) that is YOUR CHOICE, but not required.  Please be respectful in any place of worship.  Do not text or do anything offensive.  Please read over the brief RSR Etiquette Guide above before your visit.


C. Religion & Media = This is your chance to write about one experience of modern art and write a 3-5 page paper that explains how it directly relates to this class. You may choose to review for the paper either on a movie/documentary (Examples: Seven Years in Tibet, Little Buddha, Razor’s Edge, Monsoon Wedding, The Last Samurai, Kung Fu tv series, Shogun tv series, Gandhi, Mulan, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Star Wars, Karate Kid, South Pacific, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Hawaii, etc.)


D. Who is a Saint?: Using our textbook and outside resources, prepare a 3 pg. essay biography about someone you consider to be a saint and explain why they are a good example in your report


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