Religious Studies homework help
October 10, 2021
How do the values of evaluation conflict adhere to social work values? What practices would you use to defend the feasibility of and effectiveness of your evidence-based policy?
October 10, 2021

Need an argumentative essay on Traditions and Cultures. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.This means that no group is being disadvantages as everyone accepts the differences and tries to find something beneficial in it.Speaking of cultural strategies that would have the cultural traditions be preserved and respected while simultaneously recognizing commonalities, one might note the phenomenon of Christmas. This holiday is particularly important for the Christian part of the society. however other ethnicities respect it as well. In addition to that, Christians pay their respect to holidays like Kwanza or Hanukah, though it is completely out of their religion. In other words, this spirit of brotherhood that is being spread in the society is what allows people to maintain their peculiarities and celebrate their unity. As a result, everyone is provided with the necessary space to have their traditions, but this space does not take away anything from other cultures which ensures that every part of the society is able to develop
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