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CHEM 1011 Discussion question 2
To learn more about the chemistry of transition and inner transition metals by using the Internet.
Be able to use your knowledge and understanding of transition metal chemistry to contribute to the discussion
In the first and second semesters of general chemistry, there is a great deal of discussion around the Group 1A
and Group 2A metals. The discussion regarding the transition and inner transition metals is much less.
Transition metals and their compounds display a variety of colors. For example, when a sample of copper is held
in a flame it produces a green flame test. Aqueous solutions of copper compounds are blue. Adding ammonia to
copper containing solutions produces a deeper blue color.
Choose one of the transition or inner transition metals from the periodic table.
Using your book (Chapter 23 may be very useful) and Internet resources, discuss why your transition metal and
their compounds display a variety of color. Be sure to include in your discussion, important oxidation states, the
electron configuration and how the d electrons are involved.
How can you include the electromagnetic spectrum and the nature of light into your discussion How is energy
and wavelength related Use your knowledge of the emission and absorption of light in your discussion.
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