Health History and Screening of an Adolescent or Young Adult Client
February 8, 2018
Compare/Contrast · Treaties vs. Executive Agreements
February 9, 2018

ESSAY QUESTIONPresent a case study of a psychological intervention with an imaginary client or client group in an exercise/physical activity context. The focus could be on reducing appearance-related anxiety, enhancing motivation or any combination of the topics covered in the lectures. Begin by briefly describing the client/group and their current situation and why they are undergoing an exercise consultation. Outline in general terms the content of the initial consultation and any follow-up consultations. Briefly describe the
intervention approach, the processes involved in helping the client/group develop and maintain motivation and the strategies you adopt, and explain how all of these are underpinned by contemporary theorising in exercise psychology. Students should present a realistic client/group scenario and demonstrate sensitivity to the client/group’s situation and needs. The intervention should be clearly based on one or more relevant theoretical perspective. Where more than one theory is used, they should be coherently integrated and used in a complementary fashion (rather than adopting little bits of different theories piecemeal). The intervention sessions should be outlined in enough detail to indicate what was actually done with the client/group (i.e. describe the processes not just the aims of the intervention). Both the general approach to intervention and the specific strategies adopted should be explicitly linked to the principles of the chosen theory or theories. Presentation of supporting evidence for the approach taken will be rewarded but the emphasis should be very much on applied and practical issues. Further guidelines: 1.We do not want specific details of any actual exercise programme. Just a one or two sentence outline will do. 2.You can choose to describe a series of sessions with your client/group or focus on just a couple, but we would expect to see at least an initial meeting and one follow-up. 3.We do expect you to stick close to the word limit (2750) but that does not include references. 4.Where we say ‘Presentation of supporting evidence for the approach taken will be rewarded but the emphasis should be very much on applied and practical issues’ we mean that we don’t want reams of descriptions of previous studies on particular interventions. Nevertheless we do expect to see claims for the efficacy of any interventions you mention to be supported by appropriate references.


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