Instructions: Final Exam, Part II
December 16, 2017
Case Questions: Barco Projection Systems (A)
December 16, 2017

Case Questions for MGM B01
Case Questions: Club Med

  • In what areas has Club Med developed a competitive advantage?
  • How defensible are they?
  • How successful is Club Med?

–What do you conclude from its financial performance?
–What are the nonfinancial measures of the company’s performance, and what do you conclude from them?

  • How serious a threat is the new competition?
  • What is the expected value of a new customer?
  • What is the company’s culture and what is its impact on the firm’s performance?
  • What impact on sales would an increase in service quality have (i.e., what are the “external” economics of quality)?
  • What opportunity actually exists for Club Med to increase service quality? What are the relative costs of its options?
  • What areas should Jacques Giraud be most concerned about, areas that he should put on his strategic agenda?
  • What are your recommendations? Jacques Giraud is interested in knowing what changes would have the most leverage on performance



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