Case Questions: Barco Projection Systems (A)
December 16, 2017
Case Questions: Colgate Palmolive
December 16, 2017

Case Questions: Bluefin

  • Do you ever tweet, text or email while watching TV? If so, why? What motivates people to participate in social TV?
  • Whether you do or not, it seems 40 million Americans do. Are their conversations representative of TV viewers? If not, are the data valuable to TV networks ? Are they valuable to media buyers? To brand marketers?
  • Dave Poltrack refers to Bluefin’s data as a deep dive and Social Guide’s as a more summary picture. What features of the Bluefin system of data collection and analysis make it a deep dive?
  • Why did Twitter buy Bluefin? What might it do with Bluefin’s capabilities? Was it wise to shut down sales of its product suite sales?

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