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January 30, 2019
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January 30, 2019

you will create a spreadsheet to assess whether the U.S. can, in 

fact, ever repay its debts under plausible conditions.









This project is all about making assumptions

, justifying/explaining them, and the

n performing 

sensitivity analyses.

At a minimum:


You need to provide two

or more default criteria.

One pretty obvious one is when gross 

mandatory expenditures (including 

interest) exceed gross revenues.


You need to deter

mine which type of debt you’re examining –


held by the public, 

or gross debt, or both.


You need to make tax revenue assumptions.


You need to make assumptions about GDP growth rates.


You need to make assumptions about interest rates on existing and/

or new debt.


You need to make assumptions about growth rates of assorted federal programs.

Your a

ctual write

-up will include a description of the current debt situation, a discussion of your 

methodology including assumptions, discussion of re

sults including several sensitivity analyses, 

and your opinion as to whether the U.S. federal debt can ever be repaid.

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