Progressive (exponential) Elderly patients have ragged red fibers accumulating Elderly patients accumulate mtDNA damage So how do these `symptoms” of aging happen? What are free radicals? Where do they come from? What damage do they do? What are the effects of this damage? What can we do? What are oxygen free radicals? Free radicals are when oxygen has an unpaired electron What damage can they do? Primarily they can react with deoxyribose and DNA bases Where do they come from? These free radicals result from the `dumping” of electrons from the ETC onto free oxygen Remember this? What is the evidence that this helps cause aging? 
October 25, 2018
The role of a Registered Nurse in managing pain for post-cardiac surgery patients:
October 25, 2018

Business Plan for a New or Enhanced Program Service Line
The challenge in this focused individual project is to consider what basic information should be included in the business plan of a new or enhancement of a program service line.
First step:
Begin with a definition of your service line of your choice
Second step (ALL PARTS required):
· Prepare a legible PowerPoint that includes the definition and the basic issues that should be addressed in the program service line business plan (see chapter 25 in course text):
o Title Page: name your service line
o Table of Contents
o Executive Summary
o Service Description
o The Organizational Plan: show chart
o The Marketing Plan: include basic strategies
o The Financial Plan: identify basic numbers for revenue streams and expenses. Create a mock financial income statement and balance sheet)
o Appendix (optional)
o Reference slide (not counted as part of 10 slide requirement)
· ONE slide per required section (more than 10 slides will not be graded!).
· APA IS For those that use the FIU writing center to review their work will receive 10 points of extra credit (must submit a note from the writing center).
· For those that do not follow APA you will be automatically docked 30
(Note: Refer to Chapter 25 “Putting It All Together: Creating a Business Plan”)
Identify issues to be addressed in the plan. Examples of a Service Line might include (using “Hospice” as an example:
· Will the service be delivered by the nursing home directly or contracted out (i.e., to a home care agency)?
· What are the relative costs of these two options, especially in regard to the staffing, equipment and training?
· How will the program be funded?
· Will there be an inpatient component? If so, where will the beds come from (i.e., conversion or new construction)?
· Which regulatory requirements are most germane to the program (i.e., Medicare and State)?
· How well does this business plan fit with the organizational mission, values and goals?
· Where does this program rank compared to other organizational priorities?

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