business law homework
January 5, 2019
January 5, 2019

business law legal summary

Legal Summary

Overview. Each student will be tasked to prepare a 2-4 page outline thoroughly explaining a legal subject. The summary will be in the format of an inner office memo directed to your boss/employer/colleagues/etc.

Purpose. Researching, understanding, and translating information into a teachable format establishes a high degree of understanding of the subject. Allowing students to focus their effort on a particular area of law recreates the type of research you may have to do in the course of working in or managing a business. You will likely be required to make decisions regarding legal issues. You will have to adequately educate yourself on those legal issues before making a decision or raising the issue to your superiors.

Selection of Topic: You are free to make up your own topic or to sign up for a topic that I have provided via a link on D2L. I encourage students to come up with topics that interest them. If you choose your own topic, please make certain you speak to the professor and receive approval of the topic. 

Process & Content of Summary. The professor will assign or allow students to sign up for topics of interest.

1) Research the topic;

2) Assemble information necessary to include in the summary;

3) Begin by making an outline of the aspects of the legal topic to cover,

4) Produce a bibliography of resources and citations used,

5) From the outline, create a 2-4 page report on the subject

6) Turn in the outline via D2L (Dropbox)

Material to Turn In: On the day assigned to go over the subject matter, each student must turn in to the professor the following material:

1) A 2-4 page legal summary (Memo)

2) The legal summary should contain the references you read/used to write the legal summary.

· The students collectively are required to use a minimum of 3 distinct, professional references to support the legal summary.

· References should contain a full citation of the source used.

· You are expected to use GALILEO or some other professional sources (such as Google Scholar or the Library) to find suitable references.

· Websites may be used for orientation on a subject, but will not be acceptable references unless they are sponsored by official government agencies or professional agencies or associations.

· You may only use on Dictionary or encyclopedia as a reference. 

· Each reference must contain: 

o the author’s name, 

o The name of article, book,  or document, 

o The name of the journal/magazine/book or web site where the article is published, and 

o The date of publication.

o Students can use any citation style with which they are familiar.

Criteria for Evaluation: Each team will be graded on the following criteria:

1) Content of the Paper (How well subject is explained)  80%

2) The Organization of the Paper    20% 

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