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December 16, 2017
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December 16, 2017

Worksheet Two          
BUS 453A: Operations Management
Name: [Type your name here.]
Answer the following questions by typing your response into the provided spaces. Each response should be a few sentences but no more than a short paragraph.

1. Mary’s Wedding
Mary is planning her wedding and develops the following preliminary information:

 Immediate Estimated ActivityPredecessorNormal Time
ASelect wedding date.None2 weeks
BSelect wedding location.A5 weeks
CGuest list; who’s attendingA, B4 weeks
DSelect entertainment.B3 weeks
EChoose catering.B, C2 weeks
FWedding dayC, D, E0 weeks

a.       Draw the network for this project.
b.      What is the critical path?
c.       What is the Critical path project completion time?
d.      What activity has the most slack?

a. [No written response is required here. Use MindMup, and submit a PDF file of your mind map with this worksheet.]
b. (Expressed as a sequence of activities, e. g. “W-X-Y-Z”)


2. Comparison
a. Investigate the current technology available for laptop computers, cell phones, MP3 players, or tablet computers. Select one of these technologies, and compare models from two companies for the following:
a.       Features
b.      Operational characteristics
c.       Manufacturer’s support and service
d.      From the OM concepts you have studied so far, which of the two products would you choose? Why?
 Model 1:Model 2:


3. Supply Chain Framework Comparison
Review Exhibits 1,4, 1.7, & 1.9 in OM 6.
a.       Describe these three types of value (supply) chain frameworks.
b.      Which type would you prefer to use specifically in your current job (or in a previous one)? Provide your rationale.



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